Sunday, April 16, 2006


If I was with one of my family members, I probably be sitting down to a ham dinner after noshing on hard boiled eggs that came from the chickens of Grateful Dead fans. In my youth, I was awakened at an ungodly hour to go dress up in our good clothes to go stand in the rain while someone droned on about something I didn't understand. It probably would have done me some good to go to Sunday school, but since we didn't belong to a church that wasn't an option, so I was oblivious to the meaning of Easter until later when I was given the option of not having to go. Let's see.....sleep in or go stand in the rain in a dress and itchy tights......duh! Later I'd get up and help Mom with preparing dinner so that I didn't have to do the dishes, eat chocolate eggs until I was ill, and go upstairs later to read. That was Easter.

Today was a typical Easter weatherwise: rain alternating with sunshine. I looked out the window and imagined hundreds of Christians standing on soggy grass or in cold churches celebrating the rising of Christ. Then I turned on my secular radio, got my tea, and sat down to my email. Just another Sunday morning.

This was after a Saturday evening of disappointments. It was the third Saturday of the month, so I was expecting Stitch n Bitch at Unraveled Yarns. I chose my projects to work on: the RSM and a lace scarf project. The RSM needed some sock yarn (I didn't want to use a tiny part of an Opal skein and the smaller skeins weren't what I wanted), so I planned to purchase some while I was at Unraveled. I had purposely not gone over there in the morning like I usually do because of the gas (and I had music filing to catch up on). So when I got there at 7 pm and saw the shop was closed, I was rather disappointed. So I headed for another shop that had a cafe attached. They were closed. I went to another. They were open but didn't have the yarn I wanted and were going to be closing in half an hour. I was told of another shop and found it was closed to. So after all that running around, I returned home to sit in front of the idiot box, annoyed as anything.

But today was a new day. It was Sunday--choir rehearsal day--so I had the morning to do things and the afternoon to prepare for time spent with my musical friends. Reid came by and we headed on south. On the way, he told me of how he had spent Saturday evening with friends having Passover Seder and that a group called "What I Like About Jew" was performing this evening. His friend wouldn't be able to go. Reid told me more about this duo and their irreverent take on Jewish culture, so I said, "Let's go!" What better way to celebrate Easter than to go see a Jewish satire group. And sure enough it was a lot of fun. There was this fellow in front of us on the far side of seventy just having a ball despite the language (ribald enough to curl a mother's hair, I tell ya). Fish out of water? Sure. But who cares? It's like the straights at a gay comedian's act. They look just like us, isn't it amazing?

Happy Easter!

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