Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Hope you didn't wake with a nasty feeling that you did something really really stupid the night before. Like announce your resolution to lose 40 pounds in front of a crowd of your friends and family. Or find yourself in the county jail for DUI. My New Year's Eve was spent quietly, watching the idiot box and working on the first sleeve of the Rogue. The fireworks got the cats a little jittery but otherwise it was a mellow night.

I can truly say in looking back at 2006 that I did not break any of my resolutions that I made last year. Of course they were all done tongue in cheek. You don't think I'd put my REAL resolutions up here do you? Silly.

I do have a couple though for 2007.

I will try my best to stick to my Stash Bust 2007 promise. I need to be more frugal in my spending habits and this will help in that area.

I will refrain from posting slurs on my family on this blog. I had put in an entry that was construed as offensive. While some feedback I got from readers indicated they agreed with me on my feelings, the reaction from one of the members of my family was more a point of "if you want us to accept you for what you are, you need to accept us for what we are, even if you don't agree with us." The offensive portion of the entry was removed and apologies made. This is a public space and some things don't belong here.

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