Friday, December 29, 2006

I have a date

January 31st. It means I have all of February to do nothing but knit, read, watch Perry Mason and movies, and snuggle with the cats. And sleep. And have funky hormones. It's a good thing I have the knitting and am confined to my house. I'm scary enough when my hormones are whacked now.

I can't wait.


JoVE said...

Hope it's a real date and not one of those "unless something comes up" dates. Gives you some time to stock up on movies and yarn though, without too much time to feel crappy (because if you were feeling 100% you wouldn't need a date.)

Anonymous said...

Hope your date goes well. If it what I am thinking - find a good Doc for your hormones and get bio-identicals. If it isn't what I am thinking - Hope your date goes well.