Thursday, December 21, 2006

And now: your letters

First, I want to thank everyone who has left a comment and wish all my readers good tidings during this time of year. It's nice to know that not only have I been read but I've written something that is worth commenting on. Thanks too for the wellwishing. I appreciate it.

The Stash Busting 2007 has a number of folks that are jumping onto Wendy's wagon. Even if you don't do much stash busting this coming year, give yourself an E for effort. It's not easy to resist the call of new fiber. But to think I have more stash than Knitterguy Ted--eep.

Anonymous paid a call and left a message: "I made another contribution to George Bush in your honor... can you be any more self-righteous...or self pitying?" Am I really that self-righteous about my opinions? Somehow when I think "self-righteous" I think of Bill O'Reilly or some of the radical Christian right or radical feminists or environmentalists. I'm willing to listen to other opinions expressed in a mature, reasonable fashion as long as facts back them up. But I don't think I should censor my own opinion on my own blog. As for self-pitying, well I welcome you to take a hammer to your back tooth, your knees, and your feet, followed by spending a week of having blood pour out of your ass. When you're done, write back. And don't forget your name this time. Because I care.

Back to our regularly scheduled program

I'm back to working on the Rogue. The front is nearly done and I'll be starting on the hood tomorrow. In retrospect, I could have worked on this without the class. It wasn't that hard. But I did get some tips that I would not have picked up from the pattern and it was fun knitting with others on the same item. I should have it done by the end of January at this rate.

Ho ho ho and a bottle of eggnog

I haven't put up a tree (no room), I have no decorations up (too lazy), the Christmas letters are waiting to be stuffed in envelopes and flung to the four winds, and I have no plans for the weekend. It's a good weekend to just sit back and enjoy the quiet, read a good book (I have a few P D James mysteries waiting for me from the library), and sip hot tea. No traffic, no screaming children, no hollering in-laws, and no commercial hype.

May you find that quiet spot in your life this weekend and have a merry Christmas.


M-H said...

Yaaah - forget anonymous. I hope he or she never finds my blog! You're certainly not self-righteous, nor are you particularly self-pitying. It's your blog, you say what you like when you like and if they don't like it they can stop reading.

Anonymous said...

My response to Anonymous would be, "you don't like it, change the channel". One of the reasons I like your blog is because you speak honestly and openly about the things that matter to you. Freedom of speech, eh?

As if the holidays aren't busy enough, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!! for the Six Weird Things meme. Visit me to find out more.