Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's not perfect

I changed my mind about what was in the center after the first two passes of pattern stitch, then I mucked up an edge and in the process of ripping back started back in pattern going in the wrong direction. But I learned the technique and that's what important.

This is the result from the Orenburg class I took yesterday. Joan was a very patient teacher with a great sense of humor. She gave us some good tips for various issues, like splicing slick yarns or working in the tails of yarn. Joan's also very approachable; we had a great conversation at lunch about the internet's impact on knitting. She will be teaching at Stitches West next month, so if you're going, look her up.

I really enjoyed the technique and foresee using it in future patterns. There are several characteristics of the Orenburg style that I like.

--The lace pattern is done on one row and the return row is knit across.

--The edge on the sides is done at the same time as the center.

--It's seamless. No knitting the edge separately from the center.

I promise the next one I do won't have as mucked up a center as that one. Just a note as why my descriptions of the method are sketchy: the method I learned is described in sources that are under copyright. I recommend that if you're interested in learning more about Orenburg shawls that you either take a class (ask your LYS) or find a book that teaches the method.

A UFO rises

Last year I started a love affair with the Vine Lace pattern and cast on a scarf in Suri Alpaca. I was able to finish one ball of the yarn but after I had started the second, it languished and ended up in the UFO basket. After working the Orenburg lace, I was in a lace mood and dug it out to do a few rows. I've fallen in love with the pattern all over again and now it's my end up a gift later on.


Ted said...

You are so lucky to have had a class with Joan. I've only ever heard positive things about her teaching, and would give my eyeteeth to take a class with her.

And I wish I'd been in on the lunch conversation.

Jennie said...

That vine lace is beautiful. Hope you're healing very well.