Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goofy sh*t

There's a lot of it out there. This is what some of them came up with.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: Countess Duffy the Ebullient of Bartonhurst in the River Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
How evil are you?
Your Band Name is:
The Badass Hussies

I thought I was such a kind gentle person. Guess the inner me isn't.

Knitting Content

While I'm cruising along on the second sleeve of the Rogue, I'm thinking of what I can do to get some of this stash made up. I've been thinking of a vest of many colors that could go with some of my wardrobe with the remnants making up a Dulaan item. My stash has single skeins of colors, so a number of things will end up being color work.

For those folks who are interested in the Shelter Shawl pattern, I'm in the process of getting it proofed. I hope to see it available in the spring. Cross your fingers!

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