Thursday, September 07, 2006


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, better known as the Yarn Harlot, came in to Portland yesterday to tout her latest book "Knitting Rules!" There was some confusion as to when she would be speaking (Powell's said 7 pm; she said 7:30 pm), but once she arrived and had a chance to get a bite to eat and rest a bit, she came out and regaled us with one of her trademark essays. She didn't fail to amuse, taking all of us whacked out knitters in stride and much charm. It was hard to be restrained in the atmosphere of so much cameraderie that a group of knitters can generate. So Ms McPhee, if I seemed a bit over exuberant, please forgive me. You're published; I'm not.

My plan was to leave work and go directly to Powell's on Hawthorne to secure a decent parking spot and a chair at the meeting place. I ended up going home and changing my clothes because one: I had forgotten my camera and two: it was too warm to be wearing nylons. It turned out that although I had left later than I had planned I was still in good stead, securing a fabulous parking spot around the corner from the store (thank you Asphalta, goddess of parking!) and a chair in the front row. I parked there with my knitting and proceeded to wait the 2 hours before SPMcP arrived. I had brought with me the helmet liner that I'm making for my youngest nephew, who is currently stationed in Baghdad, and the Opal Lollipop socks. I had fetched dinner at the office cafe but since it was spaghetti, I opted to hold off eating until after the book signing. I would already have mohair fibers all over me. It wouldn't be good to have tomato sauce stains as well.

Powells overrun with knittersThe group was a varied bunch: young and old; moms and daughters and granddaughters; knitting buddies; the hip and the not-so-hip; exuberant and shy. One gal behind me had come from Tillamook to see SPMcP. Another was spinning on a drop spindle while holding her dog on her lap. The owner of Tangle Knitting Studio was seated next to me. One young mom had her 4 year old daughter on her lap, knitting needles in hand, knitting some red yarn. By the time SPMcP had arrived, little Elizabeth had 2 rows done.Elizabeth knitting

SPMcP of course brought The Sock, what appears to be the mate of the one that was traveling around earlier, so she took her pictures of the crowd with The Sock, Elizabeth with The Sock, and I'm sure a number of others with The Sock. There wasn't much of The Sock but my Opal Lollipop got to pose with The Sock. Glee!


I gave her my card and scooted out of there but not before seeing her receive a hat and Socks That Rock sock yarn from Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Thank you, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, for coming to Portland! Next time, ask a local before walking from a yarn shop to the next book venue (she walked from Yarn Garden, 1 1/2 miles away, to Powell's on Hawthorne. Up hill. In the heat).

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Brooklynne Michelle said...

I'm soooo happy I get to meet her on saturday oh wait that's tomorrow...... I like your socks they are looking great... sorry I don't get to comment often *my* computer can't see your validation letters so I have to wait till I'm @ a friends hous AND I remember to check your blog...