Friday, September 15, 2006


After having gone out and picked up sock yarn for Sock Wars, I found myself having second thoughts about doing it. It was further confirmed today as I was using a crutch to help take the weight off my left foot. The tendons in my right hand were making little protesting noises warning me of impending carpal tunnel from all the data entry, the knitting, and the pressure of the crutch handle or cane against my palm. It told me that speed knitting socks was not a thing I could participate in without risking severe damage or crippling from overuse. So I have sent in my withdrawal from Sock Wars. Sorry, Don and Mel. You can't torment me with your size 12 feet.

However, if someone is nice to me and doesn't mind waiting a little while, I could knit up a pair of lovely purple socks....


I can't resist putting my skills to work when it comes to fundraising. If I can make something beautiful that will bring money to a good cause, I don't mind putting in the effort. So instead of Sock Wars I'm focusing my knitting time on the shawl for raising money for the West Women's and Children's Shelter, which is one of the shelters available for victims of domestic violence. There will be another Sock Wars according to YarnMonkey if there is enough demand for one, but you can never raise enough money for protecting the helpless.


Sharon Rose said...

Hey sweetie,
If you don't have a more deserving recipient (and I'm sure you do), I officially raise my hand for purple socks. I'm only a size 6 so it'll be easy on you. In return, I can provide you with some scrumptious handspun.... maybe even Shabbit if you like! ;) And of course a ride in a supercool taxi next time I'm in Pdx.

JoVE said...

Or knit a shawl out of the fabulous purple yarn and do more fundraising with it.

Sorry to hear your wrists aren't great. Hope the foot heals soon.