Monday, September 04, 2006

Everybody say "ARRRRGH!!!"

I'm cruising along on the Indian logo for my sister's dog sweater and take it with me to my LYS Saturday for a morning of knitting when Lisa tells me that the yarn I'm doing it in is superwash. Yes. Superwash. Won't felt a bit. May shrink a little but not felt.

I think I'll use it as a patch on the back of a knitted jacket. It's too nice to abandon. In the meantime, I'll tweak my chart a bit and use some FELTABLE fine gauge yarn for shot number two.


Thanks everyone who are posting comments. It at least tells me that I'm not only having people see my blog but feel compelled to add their own feedback. That's part of the fun of blogging is connecting with others in the ether.

On my statin regime, Carol and Jan posted comments on the cramps I've been experiencing. I've had leg cramps prior to going on statins. It's usually a sign that I'm not taking enough calcium or my potassium level is low. I had the cramping problems the first month I went on the statin, but now my body chemistry has evened itself out on the regime and am not experiencing that problem. I discussed the cramping problem with my doctor when I followed up after a month of being put on the statin and he agreed with my route of treatment. Thanks for the tips.


Sock Wars is coming. Only 18 days away. Don and Mel, you better get your fingers limber. I don't think I'll be getting your size 12 feet in the first round, but I'm gathering up my support staff and I'm a-gonna be flying on those needles! Watch out NeedleGirl! I'll have you crying in your Austins! Rrraawwwrr!!!!


M-H said...

I take magnesium every morning and that helps to keep the cramps at bay - when I forget for a few days they return. Also, some stretches I was taught by the osteopath help.

Sharon Rose said...

I'm already crying in my Austins... I can't bear to part with Victor. :(

As for Sock Wars, I feel certain that I'll be slaughtered. Not only do I have tiny feet, but I've never actually knit a full size sock before (just the Xmas ornaments mentioned in my blog). So I'll be slow and my sniper will be fast... but I'll get as far as I can, and who knows, I might just get lucky. It helps that I'm essentially unemployed. :)


Ruby in the Rough said...

Leg cramps: High potassium foods also include Canteloupe and Potatoes (I'm not a banana fan). Some "low salt" tomato juice, V8, or such uses potassium for flavor in place of salt. Be careful of overdosing on potassium if you're using a salt substitute.

Warning: I'm doing reconnaissance for my Sock Wars campaign. As a novice sock warrior, I'm depending on strategy as I can't depend on knitting skill. (Or is it misinformation and diversion?)