Saturday, September 09, 2006

Book List Meme

Don tagged me on this with my permission.

1. One book that changed your life: The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien. I discovered this book when I was a freshman in high school and hungry for something of substance yet be entertaining. It was the bridge for my adventures into adult fantasy and science fiction. Cat Among The Pigeons by Agatha Christie was my introduction into adult mysteries.

2. One book that you've read more than once: I have several that I read over and over again. With each reading I find something new or see something in a different perspective. The one that gets the most wear is "The Riddle of Stars" trilogy by Patricia McKillip, which includes "The Riddle-Master of Hed", "Heir of Sea and Fire", and "Harpist In The Wind". It's the story of a man's transformation from a reluctant leader of a small community of farmers to a powerful wizard with dangerous enemies desiring his eradication.

3. One book you'd want on a desert island: Some say Shakespeare, some say the Bible. I would want something that would help me maintain my humanity yet keep me amused. Most likely a complete edition of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

4. One book that made me laugh: I love humor, both in illustrated form and written. For politics, I love Molly Ivins. For culture, Roy Blount Jr and his take on Southern American culture. For comics, Charles Addams and Gahan Wilson. The book of humor I read over and over again is Molly Ivins' "Molly Ivins Can't Say That Can She?" Her take on Texas politics and "bidness" is just a hoot.

5. One book that made you cry: I admit it. I cried when Dumbledore died in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." I knew that Harry would have to be released to deal with his nemesis on his own, but the loss of the most beloved father figure in his life was hard.

6. One book that you wish had been written: A memoir by my father's father, describing his life from when he was born in England to his death in a small town in Nebraska. He was never a part of his son's life and my dad refused to say anything about him. I would love to learn why he emigrated to Canada and what he did during all those years.

7. One book that you wish had never been written: Two come to mind for the impact they had on the people that wreaked awful havoc upon the societies they inhabited: "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler, and "Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong", also known as the The Little Red Book. Religious books have been used for evil but they have also provided great good and inspiration. But these two particular books have had no such redeeming legacy.

8. One book you're currently reading: I'm between books but I have "Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie waiting in the wings. The last one I've finished was "Full Cry" by Rita Mae Brown, a mystery taking place in the foxhunting community of Virginia.

9. One book you've been meaning to read: I have many books from my mother's library that are either history or biographical that I haven't read. I also have books that I've purchased but not read, some on heavy subjects that I don't feel ready to tackle.

10. Tag 6 people: I won't unless you want me to.

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