Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You crossed the line, my friend

It started with the warning label on cigarettes. Then they banned hard alcohol advertising on television. Then they put adult content labels on records and CDs. I thought they had done everything they could to protect the general public, but now they've crossed the line.

I found a warning label on Hershey bar.

Candy is a treat. Enjoy in moderation.

You think I'm nuts? Go find a Hershey chocolate bar with the eBay points promo on it and open the wrapper. Right above the left hand corner of the code box is the warning. And if you're really feeling weird about that, check out the nutrition info area on the Hershey's website. Now, when I'm enjoying a chocolate bar, I'm not going to stop just before taking a bite and say, "Hey! I better not eat this! It may make me sick!" And when I'm PMS'ing, moderation just ain't in my vocabulary.

Unleashing the creative half of my mind

The time spent waiting for reports to print is usually dead time for me. My mind wanders off into Fiberland. I happened to be cold and wearing my Airport Special Faux-Pashmina Shawl to ward off the chill when I got the idea of making a shrug using those dimensions. The measuring tape came out at break time along with an idea of what direction I want the potential lace to go. I want it light enough so that it keeps the chill off without cooking me--nothing heavier than DK weight (size 3 using the standard). Since my skin is sensitive, I can't have 100 percent wool or mohair, but I can do blends. I haven't tried alpaca to see if I'm sensitive to that, but I know that I can do silk blends, merino blends, or viscose. Even polished cotton. I'll have to mull this over and do some stash hunting since my purse is closed until after I go to Hawaii.

Mommy, can I have this for my birfday pleeeeeeeeeeeeze?

My birthday is June 15th, two months after Tax Day and halfway to Christmas. Of course I use it as an excuse to treat myself to goodies. This year I'm treating myself to the trip to Hawaii. I'm also open to obtaining this. Laceweight and fingering weight yarns in solids (blues, purples, rich reds) and semi-solids are also nice. I'm getting all these lace shawl patterns and have nothing to knit with. Yeah. Right.

Blasts from my past

Prior to this blog, I had set up an album of pictures of my early projects. You can go visit it here. My first lace shawls, felting projects, caps, scarves, and bags are shown there, some modeled on live people, some on the lovely Miss Margaret, my silent partner. Enjoy!

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