Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hey! It's COWTIME!!

The opinions expressed on this blog are solely the opinion of the writer and do not in any way reflect the state of the world, its subsidiaries, or the few who actually make the decisions for all of us.

To provide an emotionally balanced entry for you, the Reader, I will balance a rant with a positive observation. Consider this good; the hormones are a'swingin'.

ARRGH! Why is it when you shop for shoes that you will find a multitude of wonderful styles but the ones that will actually fit your foot widthwise number in the single digits?

SIGH.... Birkenstocks and New Balance will always be in my size.

ARRGH! Last Sunday, which was in the middle of a 3 day holiday weekend, my carpool partner and I experienced more than the usual traffic going back and forth from Portland to Salem for choir practice. The majority were going over the speed limit like they had someplace important to go to. Like what? A barbecue? Dammit, drivers, SLOW DOWN!! It's not worth risking your life and others over! It really isn't! Trust me on this: whatever is waiting for you at the other end isn't going to go away if you're five minutes late. Amazing to watch on a holiday for remembering the dead.

SIGH..... I started the Debbie Bliss Fair Isle cardi Monday and I'm already up to working the yoke. Love the pattern, love the color, love the yarn! I want a sweater in it. Or two. Or three. Debbie Bliss, don't you EVER discontinue Baby Cashmerino!

ARRGH! I swear that ever since the cellphone became a ubiquitous tool in American society the basic idea of private space has been discarded. People have been complaining about how people will pop out their cellphone anywhere: the movies, public transportation, the store, the bathroom. The bathroom? Kids, if I wanted to talk to you on the phone, for gawd's sake I don't want to hear your or other people's bodily functions at work. And don't get me started on drivers using cellphones while driving, having been nearly plowed down by some broad in an SUV who was too busy dialing to pay attention to the fact she was going to jump the curb at 35 miles an hour until the very last minute and three feet away from me. What the hell did you people do before cellphones? How did you communicate to your kids? Your husband or wife? Your lover? HANG UP, dammit!

SIGH.....(breathe deeply)..... My roses are in bloom and beautiful to smell and see. I have several from Heirloom Roses. If you're ever in the area of St Paul Oregon (45 minutes south of Portland), stop there and smell the roses. They are incredible.

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