Saturday, May 27, 2006

Knit In Public Day

The first thing I want to do is promote Franklin's shirts that he worked so hard to put together for this year's Knit In Public Day June 10th. He's gone so far as to put many cities on the shirts, so there's a great selection to choose from. Go buy a shirt dammit! Then on June 10th go out, get your knitting friends, and wear your shirts in public while working on your favorite projects.

My own weekend

Usually on Memorial Day weekend I take off for the coast and visit my eldest sister for days of cribbage and good food. This time, I've opted to stay home to play pinochle with friends, run around yarn shops, rehearse with my friends, then spend a day loafing. This morning I'm off to Carlton to visit Woodland Woolworks to pick up a few things. Later I'll be stopping by the Yarn Garden to hunt up some Wick yarn from K1C2 (special request from Alicia). Then it's off to Unraveled to sit and work on Zora.


Anonymous said...

Hello this is Carlton your doorman.

Sharon Rose said...

Hey cutie -
Thanks for the link! I'm definitely getting a shirt! Cafe Press is so cool - my Queer Knitting shirts have been a big hit all over the country! :) I've raised a lot of cash for HRCF.