Thursday, May 25, 2006

Get off your knees!

In 1997 I had surgery done on my knees because of a couple of conditions that was creating bony scar tissue and arthritis. I was told after the surgeries to expect to have another knee surgery within 7 years. Well, I've made it up to 9 years since then and after the long choir rehearsal last weekend my knees told me it was time. There's muscle ache and tendon or ligament ache. But it's Thursday and my bones still ache, even with anti-inflammatories. So the scar tissue has built up under the kneecap enough to require that I have it checked out. It will most likely be arthroscopic surgery to clean out the scar tissue, but if my knee's cartilage has degenerated enough I may end up with a knee replacement. My appointment isn't until July so it gives me time to do some rehab on my quads and hamstrings. It sucks because I'm supposed to be exercising to get off some of this fat. Aquatics isn't an option unfortunately (my knees go out of joint if I move them the wrong way, which in the heat of exercise is all too easy for me to do).

I'll get by. It's only a speed bump in my life. On a positive note, Zora now has a leg and is getting another tomorrow. And boy does she have boobs!

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Leigh said...

Just wondering...if you take cartilage repairing suppliments...people say to me sometimes that it's just a big advertisement campaign to make people think there's such a thing as a cartilage repair drug (or pills)


Hope I got the spelling correct. =oD