Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sneaking in a post

It's break time at the office so I'm sneaking in a blog post. I was down in Corvallis Saturday evening singing at a concert the Portland Gay Men's Chorus put on as a fundraiser for Confluence and the Albany/Corvallis PFLAG. Sunday I didn't get home until early evening but was too tired to do more than glance at email. This week has been busy at work with an additional dollop of chorus preparation for the upcoming weekend of concerts.

Friday Portland OR Augustana Lutheran Church, 7:30 pm

Saturday Salem OR First Congregational Church, 7:30 pm

Sunday Corvallis OR UU Fellowship of Corvallis, 4:30 pm

Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors and students with ID. Come anyway. We'll let you in. More information may be found at Confluence's website.

So what will I do when I'm done with the concerts? I know Monday will be devoted to being in the arms of Morpheus. The rest of the time will be for finishing up holiday chores. Some fiber is due to arrive for a hush hush project, so I'll be watching for that. I'll be knitting until the hands say stop in the meantime, fussing over a Coriolis sock I had put down but didn't write the notes for.

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