Friday, July 25, 2008

Your comments

The Coriolis socks attracted a lot of attention. JoVE, I found that the patterns worked well for mindless knitting. The increase point is like a blip on the radar screen; the rest is plain ole stockinette. The instructions may appear a little daunting, but if you get your magic numbers, plug them in, and follow along, you should do fine. Really!

Jennie, the sock in progress is being made of STR mediumweight "Fire On The Mountain". It's wonderfully squishy. You must have it. Or you will suffer great pining that only a pilgrimage to Scappoose will succor.

And for those of you who think I'm kidding, I've turned the heel and am working on the cuff. You'd think I was Wendy or something.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I need an excuse to buy another book ;-)

Jennie said...

But why would one need an excuse to go to Scappoose?

Of course, you might head there and end up in Vernonia by mistake. Have I told you my theory that all roads lead to Vernonia?

(I have resisted STR so far, but I'm sure I won't last long!)