Monday, July 21, 2008

Scenes from a Festival

I have one question for those of you who live below the freeze line and go through summer with humid heat.

How do you do it?

Sweet mercy mother, it was hot in Miami. Hawaii was warm but nothing like Miami. If I had to do the tropics again, I'll do Hawaii. But I survived the heat and the sun without getting burned or heatstroke. Thank goodness for Mr Carrier and the air conditioner. Otherwise you'd find me passed out under a palm tree from too many mojitos.

I'm glad I went though. The music was fabulous and the atmosphere of the GALA festival was so welcoming. Someone described it as a big family reunion, and in many ways it is (without having to bring cole slaw). This time though many of the women didn't come. I don't know if it was due to the cost or lack of interest, but there were far fewer women's choruses there than usual. So many of my conversation partners were men: singers, spouses of singers, support, and directors.

I have a ton of pics left to sort through but I wanted to at least share some that to me speak of the experience. So enjoy!

It was the music.

The young and the young at heart all making music together.

Of course there was audience participation.

The directors got a workout.

But the rewards were incredible.

There were storms and sunshine.

And a lot of cameraderie.

For love and peace.

And warm feet.


Vtknitboy said...

what fun! glad you had a good time. hugs, chris

Sharon Rose said...

How do we do it? We sweat (a lot) and try to stay inside air-conditioned spaces, and count the days 'til we can get back home to Oregon!!!!! (2 years).

Sharon said...

Love the pics! The last one is so sweet.

Hope to see you at knit night.