Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear Miami

Dear Miami,

I wanted to write to you because your city was an adventure for me. But I have to put in the caveat that anytime I leave the safety of my beloved City of Roses it's an adventure for me. It makes the experience open for possibilities both negative and positive. When you embark on an adventure, you have a few expectations that you have taken an active role in making sure they are met, but there is always the unknown that makes a trip an adventure. So don't take my description as a diss.

Having said that, I would recommend that you take a hard look at your infrastructure of the downtown area around your performance venues. You have hotels but no restaurants. The sidewalks are in terrible disrepair and filthy with dead chewing gum and litter. The MetroMover, despite it being free and fairly reliable, is nearly impossible for someone in a wheelchair to access. For this you invite groups from out of town to visit your city. I can't say that I would relish coming back, even if I was physically more fit to walk about.

At the same time, I experienced rain that did not leave me cold. I met people from all over the Caribbean and sampled great food. People were friendly and helpful when I needed assistance. So you have much to go on that would make that part of the city great.

I saw towers of condos being built and wondered what those folks would do for entertainment. Would they leave the core for other places, or would they stay, walking to a restaurant to have a nice meal then go on transit to the venue to see the opera or the symphony? It's something you need to consider.

Anyway, thanks for the adventure. Take care.

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