Monday, July 07, 2008

Fiber to Scarf Backatcha!

I have been keeping my fingers crossed these last few days, hoping that Canada Post would be nice and push a package my way. Back in January, I had sent off a bundle of merino/shetland wool from Spor Farm in The Dalles. It was for the Fiber To Scarf exchange that Ted organized. The fiber was a reddish rusty brown that I thought would be nice for someone to spin up, especially since I had no idea who was going to be the recipient and their skill level.

This is what I received in return. The real treat is that the spinner and knitter was Lorraine Smith of Spinner's Quarterly. She confessed to me that she couldn't leave it by itself to be spun so she blended in red merino with a hint of angelina in one stripe, white angora in another stripe, and white ramie in the third. It's nummy!

When she emailed me last week that the scarf was done and on its way, I voiced my hope that it would arrive before I took off for the GALA Festival 8 in Miami. So the neighbors must have heard my squeal of glee when I saw a white plastic mailbag in my mailbox. Just in time to be modeled before I had my hair all cut off in preparation for the tropical sauna that is Miami.

Thanks Lorraine!

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Jennie said...

That's really stunning. How neat is that?

Is that what you spun the Vine Maple for?