Sunday, August 20, 2006

You want to do it.......Really you do.......

My hand is better today. Icing it down, gently stretching the tendons, massaging the forearms, and resting have helped. I've found that mouse work while on the computer aggravates it more than the knitting, so I've taken to using my laptop's touchpad instead. I still limit myself and focus on not tensing up my right hand.

So what do I do? Sign up for Sock Wars.

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If you haven't heard about it, click on the above logo to get to YarnMonkey's site. She'll tell you all about it. So far she has over 400 warriors signed up. This will be interesting. Whether I make it past the first round or so will be the challenge. Since this is a long-distance speed event, conditioning for doing small gauge knitting over an extended period will be important. Not enough conditioning and maintenance of the muscles will open oneself up to injury. Too much can do the same. There will be young knitters who will have time on their hands to knit. We will see how the FiberQat does. I better not get someone with size 12 (men's) feet. At least I'll get a pair of socks.

I promise I won't whine if my hands give up on me. I won't whine to my loyal readers. I won't whine to my fellow glbt-knit listers. I will suffer in silence, a casualty in the battle to determine who's the badass sock knitter.


Mel said...

Size 12? Hah! You could get MY feet! Bwahahahaha!

JoVE said...

Funny, I thought of Mel's feet too. Hope you get some dainty young woman's feet to ease you in.

I did knit some size 12s last year (for my brother) but I used worsted weight wool.

Sharon Rose said...

I'm SO in!!! Even posted it on my blog, and I recruited my girlfriend (a fairly new knitter).

Hey, if you want an acupuncture referral for your hands let me know. I've got some good friends in town who will treat you right.

Ted said...

All my socks are for men's size 12 feet.

I think that's why I chose not to do Sockwars...