Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A letter to my LYS

My dear,

This is difficult to put into words, but I feel that I must be honest with you. You have given me so much these years with your cameraderie, your encouragement, and your generosity that I at least owe you that.

I have fallen for another.

I can see you now. "How could you?" you would say to me. "There have been others but you have always come to me, never tempted by their tawdry displays or hipness. I have always been here for you: steady, solid, and providing you with quality product at a reasonable price."

This is true. I have not fallen like others to the wiles of other shops who fell for the trends and stocked their shelves with novelty yarns that are now collecting dust. Those who employ stylish waifs who deign to assist you because you aren't making the latest shrug from Vogue Knitting. I have come to you because you are careful with your choices of merchandise and provide the expertise of a team of knitters who are happy to guide the novice through the jungle of ill-written patterns.

But the spark that had been there in the beginning has started to fade a little. I love your companionship, but I'm afraid you have been less than inspiring to me. I admit I am easily drawn to new things and ideas and have come back to you for the security you provide. But the one thing that would truly satisfy me is missing.


You see, the LYS I'm seeing now has classes. Lots of them. And reasonably priced too. Classes that can challenge an intermediate knitter like me. I know you think that I don't need to take a class because I've learned so many new techniques on my own. But a good class can give me something that I could not give myself with my limited experience. My own experience of teaching classes has shown me that. I'm woefully inexperienced compared to some folks when it comes to knitting. If I come to a class with my skills, I can help but it's an experienced teacher who knows the little tricks that can help in certain situations.

I will visit you and give you first preference when I need to shop for a project, but I want you to be aware that I will be going elsewhere as well. They are open on Thursday evenings which is a dead night for anything interesting on the idiot box. They are inspiring to me and very supportive of my explorations like you. I will still see you on Saturdays, but know that I am sharing my love of knitting with another.

I hope you forgive me.

Sincerely, FiberQat


TheBunny said...

ooo, I need intermediate classes too. I've plateaued and am begging for challenge. Where did you find the classes? Yarn Garden?

FiberQat said...

Yarn Garden has some but my new *ahem* object of my affection is Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks.

BigAlice said...

If you're talking about the same place I'm thinking of, I'm with you -- I was pretty disappointed to see all the classes on the latest calendar were beginner, except 1? 2? bleh.

I haven't ever been to Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, but I think I'm going to visit on Saturday -- since that same yarn shop doesn't have any of the needles in size and length and type I'm looking for, despite their enormous Wall O' Needles (What is up with that? They're ALWAYS out of the sizes I'm looking for. Maybe I'm cursed.) Plus I hear that AY&D's got prepared-for-dyeing yarn. No one else I know of around here stocks that. And 'cause I'm not up to feeling fat in front of the counter help at Knit/Purl today.

TheBunny said...

I worked at Siren Song in Cannon Beach for a summer and was really surprised to find out how inconsistent and unreliable all the distributors of needles and notions are. It is almost impossible to keep a decent stock.

If someone stepped in and provided very reliable and quick service they could clean up because what the yarn stores have to put up with is ridiculous. I was horrified.

Ted said...


How could you?


(Okay; somebody had to do it...)