Friday, August 18, 2006


Short post today. Tendonitis has developed in my right hand to the point where I can't lift anything more than a few pounds. So no computer work or knitting. Pretty much lay off as much as possible, ice my hand down, and consume NSAIDs. I went over to the neighbor's to fetch a few movies for tomorrow; Sunday will be spent playing pinochle (peaknuckle) with the guys. I'm glad I can do it. I'll miss the knitting though. I'm 2/3's through the body of the mini-doxie sweater.

Ted can do my lace knitting instead of making snarky remarks in my comments. *BEG*

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JoVE said...

Sympathy for the sore hand. If holding cards is difficult get a box of plastic wrap or foil or something, fold the top in and use that edge to hold your cards (mothers learn the weirdest things but little hands can't hold a full hand of cards even if they can play). Because giving up computer and knitting is bad enough without making pinochle difficult too.