Friday, September 09, 2005

Three projects down, two projects up. You'd think I'd learn but *ha ha* never! Not when I have yarn to play with! I rediscovered knitting in October 2002. In that time, I've acquired quite a bit of stash from various sources. It takes up 6 Rubbermaid big totes and 7 Rubbermaid mid-sized Keepers. I have yarn ranging from cheap acrylics to handspun fibers from various fiber shows that a friend visited when she was back east (including the Maryland Sheep & Fool--I mean Wool Fest). I have yarns I picked up on sale and yarns I gathered over time. I have all ranges of thicknesses: cobweb fine Baruffa to Colinette Point Five. And of course I buy yarn, do a project, and have leftovers. So what does a girl do with 3 skeins of Interlacements Cheyenne she picked up 2 years ago and has never gotten around to doing the sweater she had planned to do? She starts a sweater to try out a different method! This is a sweater I'm doing from the top down that was described to me by a customer at my LYS who had the diagrams in the back of her old Mon Tricot dictionary of stitches. From word I've received from my fellow knitters on the GLBT Knit List the method is described there and elsewhere, and I've found patterns using this method. It's a saddle-shoulder sweater that you start at the neck, work the saddle shoulders out to the width desired, then pick up the edges and work the front and back, which are joined in the round under the armscyes. Stitches are then picked up to work the sleeves. No seams! The stapler is to hold down the curling edge. I've finished the neck and shoulders and am working the back first. I put in short rows to help it fit the back of the neck. I also am working with the yarn doubled so that I don't have the color pooling that this yarn tends to do. When you get tired of row upon row of stockinette, what do you do to break up the monotony? The yarn wasn't suited for doing patterns on it (and I didn't want to do entrelac, lace or cables), so I started another project A few folks I know are doing the Knitty Clapotis scarf/shawl. So I jumped on the bandwagon. But the yarn it requires is a wool/silk blend and I told myself I couldn't buy more yarn =8( So I hunted in my stash and came up with some sari silk I had wanted to use to make a vest. This is what I've done since starting it this morning and working on it during breaks and lunch. I don't know how it will handle when I have to drop stitches, but I think I'll be able to work it. Remember I said this if I start cursing later on. I also heard about my friend Ray. He's safe at his daughter's in Houston. *deep sigh of relief* I'll sleep well tonight.

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