Friday, September 02, 2005

It's hard to believe but the borders are done for the Peace Blanket! The two sides are now attached to the center panel and the bottom and top pieces are cooling from their blocking before they're attached. It will be completed tomorrow; I guarantee it! In the meantime, I'll satisfy your cravings for imagery by showing you the GGH Soft Kid scarf I'm working on for the upcoming silent auction for the 5th anniversary Confluence concert. Did you know that a piece of thin polyester batt makes a great background for taking pictures of your knitting? Many prayers for those who are suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. No word yet from Ray. We had a prayer service at the office today. I'm pretty areligious but do believe in a higher power, so I was invoking that power today for Ray. He's a sweetheart of a guy. Thank God for knitting. Current viewing pleasure: a variety of videos from my collection to avoid the news Current reading pleasure: Brother Cadfael mysteries by Ellis Peters Current projects: Peace Blanket finishing; GGH Soft Kid scarf. On the back burner: Crazy socks; sweater for sis Shirley Lurkers: Tea cosy for silent auction; mask/doll for Witt; slipper socks for sis-in-law Yvonne; fingerless gloves for Linda A.; enlarged Booga Bag or CityBag (my own pattern) for moi; shawl for moi


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