Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mittens! Scarves! Hats! Slippers! What's an auntie to do? Buy more yarn! This is the first of the mittens that I'm making for my grandnephews for Christmas (the thumb isn't finished). It's made of Rauma Babygarn. I can understand why the Scandinavians have such nummy woolens; they have nummy yarn to work with! Once I'm past the eternal rings of 1x1 rib on size 0 needles, I fly! They're good practice for me in doing colorwork too. I'm looking at my colorwork on this mitten and thinking, 'Gotta work on that tension, girl!' Another project is making a scarf for one of my nephews. Now this one is a lawyer-type, assistant prosecutor of the city he was in before going off to Kentucky to serve in the Judge Advocate-General's office as a National Reserve officer. Who knows what he's going to do once he gets home this year. Whatever he does he's gotta look sharp. His favorite color? Black. He's blonde so I'm thinking here's this fine looking prosecutor in a black wool coat so he needs a scarf that is also black but not as black as the coat that will look sharp on him. Here's the yarn I've found; my LYS carries it in a wonderful charcoal. Now to find a pattern..... I did find these great vintage patterns at the Victoria & Albert Museum website. The scarf pattern uses fingering weight. Nope. I'm hunting in the men's knitting sites too. They've got to have something. Otherwise I'm just gonna have to do one myself. Again. Not that I'm getting lazy in doing designing, but it would be nice to try someone else's work so that I get more experience in that area.

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