Sunday, September 18, 2005

If anyone tells you the age of generosity is gone and people no longer care for each other, tell them they are wrong. I belong to a group of gay knitters whose only contact for the most part is through cyberspace. I've met three of them in person; the rest are scattered all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. During the year, I've shared with them my goal of singing with my fellow singers "Sing For the Cure" at Carnegie Hall NY. I've had a number of setbacks monetarily but I've been of the mindset that I will be there to sing no matter what I have to do to get there. Yesterday, my wonderful friends on the list sent to me a check. They had pooled together funds and through Alicia, my knitsyb who herself lost her home and nearly all the contents to the fires in San Diego last year, they showed how much they support my quest. It was totally unexpected and incredibly generous. I'm still reeling from the shock of their gift. I will sing with my friends beside me in spirit. I know I am not alone.

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