Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Give blood and save a life. They had the bimonthly blood drive at the office. I'm O negative and have big veins so the Red Cross nurses just drool when I show up. Just another pint to add to the 3 plus gallons I've donated over the years. As a consequence of the donations, I have a bit of scarring over the veins in my inner elbows so it's a little more painful to give than it was before. This time the nurse tried to poke me further up on my right arm to avoid the previous donation locations; the needle either had pushed some iodine on the tip or it went past another structure (nerve, tendon, who knows?) because it hurt a heckuva lot more than usual. They got the needle out, then the nurse nervously asked, "Are you okay? Would you like to try in your other arm?" I said yes and got a pint out (a different nurse did the poke, which is standard procedure). The first nurse was so apologetic it got to be funny for me. I wound up wearing two pressure bandages, one on each arm, so I was a real Red Cross poster child: "Don't just donate once; do it twice!!" If I've grossed you out too much to go donate, get over it; they have to go through so many volunteers to get enough clean blood for the nation's supply and when they can't get it, people's surgeries are put on hold until enough blood is available. I've decided that a leaf pattern would be nice to go along the edge of the Peace Blanket without using too much of the yarn I have left. I'm swatching tonight while staying out of the heat (I have central AC) and watching the idiot box. MythBusters tonight (hooray!!). Tomorrow is the first of my Project Workshop classes at Unraveled Yarns. Hope I don't melt in the shop. That wouldn't be pretty.... Kathy's bringing the teapot tomorrow. The cosy's almost done. The rosebuds and leaves I made to attach to the cosy make a nice touch; pix later!

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