Friday, August 05, 2005

The Cosy is finished and now residing on the teapot. It doesn't look like it would be seen on any proper teatrays but Kathy loves it and can't wait to see the sleeves I'm making for her teacups. The Asian style teacups are very pretty but once you put in the tea they are hot! So I got to practice a little bit of twisted knit stitch. The sleeve and tea cosy are made of Dale Hauk, so if you have a drippy teapot or manic tea drinkers, any stains can be easily removed because Hauk is made with Teflon in the yarn (it was originally designed for outer garments). The sleeve is done in the round by knitting one row, then knitting in the back of the stitch on the next row, and alternating between the two. It gives a nice texture to complement the cup, like a basketweave. I'm feeling "don'tsy" because it's hot, I'm tired, and I have music to collate, staple and file for Sunday's choir gathering. Tomorrow is another jaunt to Woodland Woolworks to have Charlie take a look at my jumbo winder because it's not working properly (and drool over more yarn), then an afternoon at Unraveled to answer questions of my students who attended my project workshop class last night. Maybe if I just collate and staple tonight and file tomorrow night..... Current project: Peace Blanket border Current book: Atlas Shrugged Watching: Ken Burns' "The Civil War"

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JoVE said...

Wool with teflon. I might have to keep an eye out for that. When they started putting teflon in kids' clothing, I was one happy bunny.