Friday, September 12, 2008

Ray, I'm thinking of you

Ray is a friend from the GLBT Knit list who rode out Hurricane Katrina in a rented house in New Orleans. After Katrina, he decided to pursue a desire to be a fiber businessman and started dyeing up yarns. Knitivity has been doing well enough that he was able to move to Houston to be closer to his children.

Now Hurricane Ike is barreling down for Galveston and Houston, Texas. Ray, who lives in a mobile home, has left his house to stay with his daughter to ride out Ike. He has his dyeing recipes and important papers, but his stock and tools of the trade are left behind. Hopefully when he returns his house will be okay and he'll be able to return to business.

So after Ike goes through, please go to his website and check on it. He'll be in remote contact to update it with how he is through a friend. Take a look at his wares and make a purchase. You'll be helping out a good man.

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