Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A burst of sunshine

The Portland area got a break from the rainstorms that have been going through recently with a few days of warm sunny weather. The trees are now in their full spray of colors and starting to shed in a great storm of leaves. The storms take down a lot of the foliage so the break gave us a respite from flooded streets due to all the leaves clogging the drains.

It's also cold season in full bore and I've been trying to throw off bug after bug. However, I think there's one that is giving my body a real workout. It's not fun to wake up to a swollen tonsil. Time to bring out the Airborne. Fortunately it's been a quiet time for me so I'm getting the rest.

The pictures of Rhinebeck I've been seeing on the blogosphere have been wonderful. I doubt I'll be able to go next year. What with the chorus trip to Miami and preparing for GLBT Knitcamp West it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to wing a trip out east. But the virtual trip is enjoyable. Dr Mel in his kilt was quite the hit, though I've been told it's because he was center square for Rhinebeck Bingo. You can't argue with those legs though and the fact he made the kilt himself as a first sewn garment.

Next on the hit parade: what to do with Christmas.

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