Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And the wheel goes round and round...

This weekend I hosted GLBT-Knit Knitcamp West, a gathering of folks from the GLBT-Knit list. There were only 9 of us but it was a raucous, fun and fiber-filled weekend that felt like old friends getting together after an absence of years. One day was spent shop-hopping, starting with Powell's Books and ending with dinner at Old Wives Tales. Much fiber was fondled and purchased, stories and techniques were shared, and laughter punctuated all the places we went. I'll be hosting the gathering next year. This time there will be a venue that is affordable that we can all gather at comfortably. Nine people in my little house was a little cozy. It made for a nice gathering but it was a bit snug. It would be nice to have more space for doing demos, spinning, and displaying goodies for others to look at or swap. Not to mention someone else doing the dishes.

The next couple of weekends will be quiet, giving me a chance to recharge the ole batteries before going to choir retreat the beginning of November. I'll be able to finish up the cleaning and spend some quiet time on projects that need to be done, including a block for a quilt that is being made for one of the directors who is retiring at the end of the year. Now that the evenings are getting darker sooner it's easy to just settle into the recliner and do nothing. I'll have to make sure that I do stay active.


The evenings often include a little feline pedicure. Last night's was Buster's turn. He's not too thrilled with having his toes done but he has gotten better about letting me do it. I got a nasty surprise when I discovered that he had somehow gotten one toenail completely ripped off the quick. He hadn't been limping or showing signs that it was painful, but it was not pretty. He's spending time in the house for it so that it can heal up.

So what's this wheel thing?

This is some of the Colonial top I got at OFFF. It's spinning up beautifully. I've moved on to some of the Shetland/ alpaca mix I got so that I can make up a hooded scarf for the winter. Goody Baynes is a good worker, she is.


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Knitcamp sounds like a hoot! And that spinning is lookin' lovely; love that color!

MonicaPDX said...

Yep, and sure looks like people were having a great time! Sounds like you need a B&B for next year, if you can find one that's not expensive. (Is that possible? I'm not a B&B expert. [g])

Poor Buster, hope he heals up quick. That top does look lovely - on my monitor, it's a beautiful shade of pumpkin!