Monday, August 27, 2007

Out in the hinterlands

The concert at the SummerBlue gathering for the Benton County Democrats went well. While it was muggy, the Dems stopped moving and shaking enough to listen to us. We had a marvelous audience. The party was held at the Dancing Oaks Nursery which is located south of Monmouth Ore (an hour's drive from the capitol, Salem) and is tucked into the foothills of the coast mountains. Later, our director received a phone call from the organizer of the party to thank us for the performance. We received a lot of good feedback, including that even though it was an amplified outdoor performance people could hear the words of the songs clearly. *thumbs up!*

Sunday was the first rehearsal of the whole chorus in preparation for the tour at the end of September and our holiday concert. Thanks to my friends Clark and Reid I was able to get the music all copied and sorted, for by the time the weekend drew to a close I was exhausted. More incentive to work on getting in more exercise!

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