Thursday, August 09, 2007


For all of you who are sweating and suffering in the heat, I'm sorry. I feel so bad for you. Almost guilty. Almost. This year has been a cool summer up here in River City. I'm not sure why but it's unusual for us to have days where the highs only get up into the 70's at this time of year. Some have been whining (whinging for you other English-speaking folks ;) ) that we haven't had a summer here. Kidlets, get over it. You'll be happier when you look at your electricity bill.

Wind 'em Up

Since I've started spinning (albeit slowly), one of the tools that would be handy would be a reel-type skein winder. I could use a niddy noddy or a swift, but using a niddy noddy can be tiring and a swift doesn't keep the lengths even. I'm looking for plans for such a beast but so far haven't come up with anything. If I can get plans or can work out a plan for a winder, I may be able to get it made up if I knit some socks and pay for the wood. Any tips or leads would be most appreciated.


Barbara said...

I have a skein winder that fits on the top of my Louet S-10 that I never use.

I can bring it with me to OFFF if you think you might want it.

Sharon Rose said...

Handloom Construction: A Practical Guide for the Non-Expert, by Joan Koster has plans.
VITA (Volunteers in Technical Assistance), 3706 Rhode Island Avenue, Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20822

Bobbie said...

I, too, lusted after a swift, but being without a job put a crimp in the ole yarn buying budget, let alone a swift. That's when my DH, ToolMan, found these free instructions to build one. He made mine in an afternoon and it works like a charm!

If you're not up to that, toolwise, here's one made with TinkerToys!