Monday, August 13, 2007

Fresh from the hinterlands

Chrispy hails from the thriving metropolis of Longview WA, situated an hour's drive north from Portland. Lacking resources in the land of loggers, she turned to the internet and began her own blog Pursuit of Fiber.

1. When did you learn how to knit? Did someone teach you or did you teach yourself?

My mom had known that I wanted to learn to knit. I was currently trying to learn all forms of needle craft since they interested me. Mostly I taught myself from books but a few just did not make since in craft books from the 70s. When I came home (Saudi Arabia) for Christmas vacation from my Freshman year of college and my mom told me that she had found someone to teach me to knit (a friend's mother) and that I should ask our neighbor who was retiring before I would be home next to teach me to tat. I went to several tatting lessons because it was really hard to get the concept, but I finally got it. My knitting lessons were a bit different. I was taught by a lovely Pakistani lady how to knit English style. I cast on (cabled cast on - I thought that was the only cast on other than invisible forever) and to knit. I sat and knit a good 6" by 6" piece of garter stitch and she sent me home to come back in a day or two for another lesson. I came back for that second lesson but by then I had taught myself how to purl and do increases and decreases. My teacher got mad at me and shooed me out the door. Since then I have been teaching myself new techniques from books or just struggling to find the right answer. My first project was a fair isle hat on DPNs. It said beginner. The hat fit but the next one did not - it ended up becoming a bolster pillow. From then on I knit my way through college, never a note taken except to mark my place or to create a lace/colorwork chart.

2. If you were sent into exile, which 5 knitting books would you take?

Books. I have to choose 5. Just 5. Can I bring an ipod? I could then hear the yarn harlot read about knitting travels and other lovely fiction writers amuse me. Ok seriously. 5 books. Well, I would choose my now constant companion Sweater Design in Plain English. The next two would be the first two Vogue Stitchtionaries. My first knitting book would come with me because I think I have not learned all the lessons within its depths: Homespun, Handknit. That makes four. This last book is difficult; do I choose a technique book, a book filled with inspirational photos and patterns, one that has fabu patterns and techniques (such as Amy Singer's books), or the entire collection of Interweave Knits. What does that count cuz I would be happy with just Interweave Knits, patterns meshed with techniques sprinkled with stories. Ohhhh. Ok since I know that can't be my answer I will pick Knitting Lingerie Style for my last book. A feast for the eyes; one that challenges the design sense and brings my little heart into flutters.

3. Describe the most unusual/notable occurrence that happened while you were knitting.

Um I don't know of one off the top of my head, I tend to knit any and everywhere. Oh I know of one, I knit while participating in the Spokane Bloomsday race. (You can find the story in the May 2007 section of my blog.) I think my sock beat me. I am not too sure. I do know that he tried to get me run over by dropping a DPN on a hill full of walkers. Bad Sock. Since then my DPNs stick to me like glue, they are have heard the stories in their comfy case about the harrowing journey. They like me too much to fall again.

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