Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sucked In by the Harry Monster

I don't often get caught up in what's trendy. My usual response is to avoid the popular like the plague. But Harry Potter touches upon something that I dearly wanted as a child: magic power. I devoured books on wizardry and magic as a kid and imagined a world where the people were born with magic power. The Harry Potter books touch that old yearning, so when the new one is ready to come out, I have my order in. I don't care if it's the trade hardback; I want the story not a collectible. So I'll have my copy when the last book comes out. And I'll probably be up until the wee hours reading it.


I was able to finish my obligatory knitting but it put a strain on my arm, so I've set aside knitting for now and focused on the design of the next project. I need a new knitting bag as my favorite bag is showing signs of wear and tear. Features of the bag I love are its size, a side pocket for holding keys and my cell phone, and inner pockets at the ends that are perfect for holding straight knitting needles. Most of the bags out there aren't quite large enough but I did find one by Noni that looks large enough to handle my projects. The Rather Huge Carpet Bag has a great size. I'll do different handles as I like looser handles for throwing over the shoulder than one that you have to carry by hand. I'll also add a couple of pockets. The body will also be of different colors, so be prepared.

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