Monday, July 30, 2007


I've seen The Simpsons. Seen prototypes of said Simpsons. Anyone for Life In Hell? Not to mention the fact that Mr Groening (rhymes with 'complaining') grew up in Portland. Course he hasn't come back here permanently. Why when you have all the sunshine you can buy?

Bitter? Nah. Love the dude. He described the first month of love as being in the love blender. Been there. Frappe'd to pudding by a pretty face.

So when I got the opportunity to have myself Simpsonized, I jumped at it. So here I am. All of me.

Lesterlee, Our Lady of Medicare Collections. So happy to hunt down those codes to make the claims get paid.

Perky punky Duffysan, ready to head out to the next choir rehearsal or a hot night with those wacky knitters. Note the gelled hair and the rectangular glasses to add angles to those round round curves.

Babe-a-licious badass Mistress Duffilina, Denizen of the Dark Side, who craves to crawl out of the body of Lesterlee and bitchslap some bureaucratic butt while blasting out Beastie Boys in the Bright Red Bug.

A big wave of the pointy stick to Mel for posting the link. So how is it your Simpsonization has more hair?


Mel said...

Trick of the light

Anonymous said...

Those are great!