Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Knitting Meetup night

A knitting meetup met at Twisted tonight. It was fun meeting new folks and seeing a few from the last PDX Knitbloggers gathering. The space was wonderful for accommodating the group, which were a good dozen folks. Twisted has a good selection of yarns not found in other shops, so if you're looking for something different, check them out, especially sock yarn. The proprietor is going for local produced yarns in that area, so it should be interesting to see what shows up.

I took with me the Bag O'Plenty but its fat yarn and needles were starting to wear on my hands. I didn't bring a lace project to work on (something I thought about at work--dope slap!), so to give my hands a break I opted to leave a little early.

Close to home

We received word that one of the men we're supporting in Iraq was seriously wounded from an IED. Garrett Jones is the son of my working partner Phyllis. He was looking forward to eventually training as a police officer like his father and was tapped for sniper training. He stepped on an IED and lost most of one leg and sustained shrapnel wounds. He's stable and will soon be returning to the States, but he will have to find another career to pursue.

We are with Phyllis in our prayers. The Marines have a strong support network of families and officers, so he will get the care he needs. My thoughts turned to my nephew, who is still in Iraq, and I pray for his safety.

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MonicaPDX said...

Drat, drat, drat, I wish I hadn't missed it - but thank you, yours is the first report I've seen. Great pix! And ooh, sock yarn? ::perk::

My sympathies to Garrett and his family - thank god he survived. Stupid war... Good luck and good vibes to him, and your nephew.