Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's going to be a good day

I knew when I brushed my hair this morning and the naturally curly locks just fell into place instead of tweaking hither and yon that it was going to be a good day.

A fellow lister sent this link and it got me thinking. There's the myth of the boyfriend sweater (you know, where you never knit your boyfriend a sweater because after you do he'll break up with you), but I wonder if this would apply to guys knitting a sweater for their girlfriend. I don't think it's reciprocal because women love getting gifts from their lovers (at least this has been my experience). If my boyfriend/girlfriend knitted me a sweater, I would love it all the more because of the time spent on knitting the thing. But then, what if the sweater was a color I didn't like? What if it itched? What if it fit poorly? Tell me what you think.

Unlike plain stockinette sweaters or ones with one design element in them, the Sirdal has several so you can see progress clearly and revel in it. It's kind of like a huge self-striping sock, only you put in the colors. I was very pleased to reach this point last night, measure it, and find that it is right on in its measurement.


Carrie K said...

I've never knit a sweater for a husband but I did sew some shirts that I practically had to force him to wear. (he did, he got compliments, THEN he liked them. He's an ex, btw).

I find it very hard to give handknits - what it they don't like them? Scarves & gloves & mittens & hats are okay. Maybe if I knit like Marina it wouldn't matter.

TheBunny said...

I'm terribly sentimental so if anyone makes me anything, regardless of color, itchibility or style, I'm keeping it forever.

I don't give too many handknits anymore because so many of my circle don't "appreciate" them. They think I made it to save money. Those that do appreciate get the goodies.