Sunday, February 04, 2007

A beautiful Sunday morning

Usually during the winter around here, the skies are overcast and gray. It's one of the reasons some folks don't like staying here in western Oregon. Not the rain, the gray. It dulls the colors and gives everything a depressing drabness. I'm a native Oregonian so I'm used to the gray days and counter it with color around me. When I bought my house, it was blue gray that turned drab in the winter. First opportunity I got to paint it I made it white with dark green trim. But others don't fare so well and turn into sullen, sour grouches or horribly depressed shadows (think Kurt Cobain--he grew up in Aberdeen WA, which is grayer than here). So our recent days of sunshine have been a real treat for us in the Rose City. One thing that it has brought however is unseasonable warmth. I have daffodils coming up already and word is that there are crocuses coming up too.

Friends came over yesterday and cleaned my kitchen. I was told they would do it, but I didn't expect such thoroughness. It was embarrassing. I'm not the greatest housekeeper; I'm lazy. So the results gave me pause. They didn't have to do what they did. So I'm thinking of what I can do for them for the time and effort they spent on my kitchen. And what I can do to improve myself so that this doesn't happen again.

Yesterday was not a good day. I had overdone it on Friday and paid for it yesterday. But I did get knitting done. I'm on the body of the Sirdal (313 #$@! stitches around on size 2.25 mm) and finished the first section around the bottom. When you're reclining back so your belly doesn't hurt and you're trying to ignore the noises in your kitchen and not interfere, all one can do is knit. And knit. And knit. (For you math freaks out there, calculate 317 (that includes the 4 steek stitches) by 19 rows. That's how much I got done yesterday. Ooohhh doctor!)


Stephanie said...

Aren't friends great?! At least you can work in pretty yarn to try to keep yourself upbeat.

Carrie K said...

DON'T over do it. There now! That solves it all. ;)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's about the stitch count on Nygard, curse its blasted graphic pattern. ;)

You did 19 rows? Yowza. That must have been one sustained I Will Be A Good Convalescent period.

TheBunny said...

Don't sweat the housekeeper thing. No one ever keeps their kitchen as nice as when they clean someone else's kitchen. When it is our own space it is hard to see the dirt.

Want a nice thank you? I found patterns for a felted pot holder set on the Knit Picks site. It is free but I thought I'd have to do some of those for gifts. And it stays with a "kitchen" theme for your buds.

Jennie said...

6,023 stitches. Good on ya! It's really turning out beautiful. Hope you're still healing well.