Monday, March 13, 2006

Visions of hula girls

If you let the spirit of the world carry you, things can happen that you least expect. You toss your wishes out to the spirit and have the faith that some day they will come true. It doesn't mean you just sit back and let the world revolve around you. There is interaction required, usually in the form of generosity and respect toward others. It happened with my Carnegie Hall trip. I stepped forward with the intention in my mind that it would be real.

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling kind of lost. I had no real goal now that my trip was over. So I thought, what would happen if I decided I would go abroad? What if I made plans to go to Wales for example to visit Brenda and Tonia? It was a fun exercise and what seemed to be a daunting goal appeared more workable. And someday I'll go.

The spirit of the world decided I needed to go someplace else first.

In the back of my mind as I was knitting up the Heart Wave sock, I thought, wouldn't it be a hoot to hand deliver these to Norma? Then I thought, what if I made a very special gift for Alicia and deliver that too? And all the fiber I want to take with me? After all, it's just a hop across the ocean, right?

So I looked at flights. Hmm. Not as spendy as flying to Wales, but not cheap. But wait. I just finished my taxes and I have refunds coming my way, enough to pay for the flight. I passed on the suggestion to Alicia for fun and before we knew it we were planning our time together. All I needed to do was make new vacation arrangements at work and we'd be set. That turned out to be no problem.

So on Father's Day, I will be flying to Hilo to spend 5 nights in paradise. SQUEAL!!

I better bring my spindle.


JoVE said...

OOOOOH. That sounds so fun. I wish I were coming too, but I bet Hawaii is more spendy than Wales from here.

Sharon Rose said...

Way to follow your dreams! Wish I could join you. If you ever decide to get to Wales, get a Eurorail pass and hit the rest of the UK - I can talk for days about Edinburgh, York, London, and points beyond. ;)

Mel said...

Good for you! You're going to beat us to HI by about a month. I'm very much looking forward to seeing 'Licia and Norma.

Anonymous said...

Where are you going to spend the days?

FiberQat said...

Not sure yet where I'll be going. I know I'll want to go visit the volcanoes since the one I live by is mostly an ashfarter, not a lava queen. Flowers will be blooming all over Kona. The surf will be mesmerizing.