Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Busy Week

This morning's walk was a joy. One block was full of birds all in song. A woodpecker was busy in one of the big trees. The air was brisk and fresh. My knees were protesting in the beginning but once I got going they settled down. On the way back, I passed a venerable old tree with one branch creaking in the low wind. I took a moment to listen to this tree speak before making my way back home to breakfast and tea.

Norma's Not-So-Sekrit Sox are done! They are warm and snug and will keep her tootsies nice and comfy on chilly mornings. They're knitted out of Rauma Babygarn doubled, one skein each of turquoise, bright pink, lime green, and white.

The Mystery project is slowly coming along. Part of it involved doing some lace samples. I worked some on some fingering weight merino first to get a feel for the pattern, then pulled out some crochet cotton and am working on the final product here. The coin is a US nickel. I'm working the cotton on #1's. I've found that I can't talk and knit this at the same time. It's a work I have to do alone with little distraction.

As I was struggling turning the heel on the second Norma Sekrit Sox and working the lace, I decided to take a break from it and work on a project I had set aside prior to the Knitting Olympics in February. The Tasha Tudor shawl is being done in Sirdar Denim Tweed DK and I had finished the top edging when I ran short of yarn. Finding more of it was out of the question, so I substituted for the last two edges Sirdar Denim Chunky in blue. So far it's coming out fine and when it is done will be a nice wrap to have on hand at the office.

You'll find changes on the side bar. I've pulled out my favorite podcasts from the listing of favorite blogs. There are a few familiar faces; take a look at the unfamiliar.

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