Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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I want to thank everyone who has offered suggestions on how I could enhance my exercise regime. I want to add that I have sensitive skin (I've been prone to eczema and contact dermatitis since birth) and have found that prolonged participation in water exercise such as swimming or aquatic aerobics really tears up my skin. Prior to my surgery I did participate in a water aerobics program and really enjoyed it, but since the surgery I've found that my knees can't handle it. The side to side motion of some of the exercises cause my knees to go slightly out of joint then back into joint, aggravating the arthritis already there.

I'm starting out with walking as it's the exercise I can do. When I get in better shape, I'll visit Curves and see if circuit exercise will help. I took a course a few years ago and noted a great improvement, but the place where I went to work out was always busy and the equipment I could use always had a line

Trip to Hawaii

Anonymous asked me where I would spend the days I'm in Hawaii. I know I'll go visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I'll be bringing my Canon AE-1 camera, an old workhorse of a camera that takes fabulous pictures, to use while I'm sightseeing. I'll want to visit the coffee plantations by Kona and see the surf and beaches. I also want to spend time with Alicia and Norma learning how to spin with a handspindle as well as with a wheel.

Who let all these sheep in the house?

Linda at the office got a big kick out of my knitting. I found a little sheep and a Beanie Baby sheep at Finnegan's Toys while I was shopping for her birthday. A few weeks later, I was gifted with five more sheep and a big sheep for my birthday. Over time I've acquired quite a few, who have dressed up in Halloween costumes, gotten festive for Christmas, and can't wait for my birthday.

If they smoke and drink, they'd be partying with Dolores. Occasionally I find confetti on my desk, so I know these guys like to party.


JoVE said...

Sounds like a great plan. Too bad exercise you used to like is not possible anymore.

Those are fabulous flips! bought 'specially for the trip, no doubt.

Sharon Rose said...

When you get to the gym, try the elliptical trainer. It's like walking (or running, depending on your speed) but there's no impact, so it's great for your joints. It WILL burn your thighs like a blowtorch when you first get on, just stick with it. Better than a treadmill - more caloric burn, yet easier on the body. And full body, since you're standing, so it's better than a bike, too!

mayeve said...

Not to presume your politics, but whichever way you lean, you ought to know that Curves strongly supports anti-abortion groups such as Operation Rescue. http://www.snopes.com/business/alliance/curves.asp