Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm here

If you're wondering where I have been, don't worry if you think it's health related. I'm fine. January's an insane month at work and as there wasn't much to report outside of being really tired and braindead I figured it was best to not post. The insanity is done and the normal brouhaha is now gearing up.

There was one event in January I attended: the Snohomish Yarn Train and Crawl. This is its seventh year of sending folks down from Seattle to Portland to partake of Portland's bounty of yarn shops. Someone I met on a Ravelry forum came down and joined me and MonicaPDX on a personal tour. Aeranthes had a delightful time and the three of us cackled and snortled the afternoon away. Less ebullient folk looked at us askance like we had somehow managed to escape our keepers, for we were like teenage girls who had stayed up too long. It was a sad

moment when we had to drop off Aeranthes at the train station, but she promised to come back. I promised to put her up for Oregon Flock and Fiber so I have until September to get the house ready.

The sidewalk has been poured and is curing as we speak. There was some finagling and what had been expected changed (there will be no solid slab of concrete for the driveway skirt as it wasn't required after all). The weather while cold and windy some days has been dry enough for the contractor to get it all done. I will be glad when it's all over.

I took a break from knitting but restarted again with a lace project. Cindy at Urban Fiber Arts received a shipment of Abstract Fiber's Picasso, which is a DK weight baby alpaca yarn. I offered to make her a shop sample and made for her the Eleanor cowl. It was a little tricky to knit but I finished the knitting last week. I finally got around to blocking it today so you can see the lacework. Once it's seamed you can only see it if it's on someone's neck. My neck's too short to show it off -- not like Linda Evangelista.

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