Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas time is here by golly

The holiday season's fast coming to a close and this time around has been more tolerable. Usually by Christmas I'm exhausted with all the hoopla but I discontinued my cable service back in November so I haven't been assaulted with all the commercials. Downtown Portland's very pretty at this time of year with all the lights and festive decorations in the stores. I always enjoy going there to do my shopping for that reason. It's also less insane there with people.

The new year is looking like it will be more austere. The unexpected expenses have been piling on to what's already been noted and an application for refinancing was turned down because of my situation. It won't be a case of living on ramen and frozen vegetables but there will have to be fewer splurges. If nothing else the hobby splurges will have to pay for themselves because the money has to go to getting the debt down. But I've made do before and I'm comfortable enough that I shouldn't feel deprived. The state of my stash room indicates I will have more than enough to play with in the coming year.

I'm being told off by one of my cats. Don't tell me cats can't communicate to humans.

Anyhoo, my Christmas will be a quiet one. I'll most likely put on the classical station which will play Christmas music from classical composers. I may dig up a jigsaw puzzle to work on or read "The Lord of the Rings" (for some reason the wintertime is the best time for reading Tolkien). I have a few days off which I will use for visiting with friends who have time off too. It will be a nice way to prepare for the year ahead.

To one and all, have a very merry Christmas.


Nigel Pottle said...

Duffy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. I am enjoying the image of you doing your jigsaw puzzle with the cats around. I'm sure they'll want to help. That might not be such a good thing but they'll have Christmas fun too.

Nigel Pottle said...

Whoops, published my blog incorrectly. It'll be correct in this one.