Friday, September 25, 2009

Moving on

My weekend ahead is full of activity punctuated with moments of general calm and peaceful fiber production. Oregon Flock and Fiber is this weekend in Canby. I'm spending the majority of my time camped at the PDX Knitbloggers booth on the main lawn. I do have a couple of missions ahead that I must accomplish. One: get another 4 oz of Eowyn merino silk from Dicentra so that Judy can finish her shawl. Two: get the Celtic Bunny scarf pattern from Toots LeBlanc for Zarah so she doesn't give me dirty looks in the lunchroom at break. If things work out well and I'm able to sell a few orifice hooks I'll get some dinero to play with.

Today, I'm packing to move to another office while they remodel the current office. I'm hoping when I make a quick stop at the house my modem will be waiting for me. Later in the evening I'll be meeting up with buddies for dinner and visiting Bobbie while ToolMan's in the hospital for his surgery. Monday will be recovery day but will end with seeing Franklin at Knit/Purl. Word has it that Dolores insists that we do something special later on. Now where did I put that g-string?


Tallguy said...

LOL -- OMG, I've got to be there when you and Dolores meet up and get all dressed up to --- whatever it is you do! Oh, Portland, look out!!

ZarahPDX said...

Thanks bunches for getting the pattern for me hon. Obviously you're not online to see this at the moment, but you will eventually. I 'preciate it. No dirty looks for you... well, uh.... maybe.