Sunday, September 06, 2009

Finished spinning

Hydrangea Abstract Fibers BFL 7.5 oz 702 yds estimated wpi 18-20 Also, from earlier in the summer I completed this:Magic Judy Dicentra Designs Merino/Silk Colorway "Eowyn" 715 yards, 6.5 oz completed June 2009 (for Judy Becker, cast on inventor and all around great knitter)

Because of all the spinning I have been doing this week, I've managed to bung up my right knee again, so I'm laying off the wheel spinning for the rest of the Summer of Spinning weekend. However, I do have some spinning on a spindle at the office I will be fetching later today to complete. I did a preliminary tally of my spinning and I've completed over 3700 yards. That's over 2 miles. Whoo doggies!


Judy said...

And greatly did I appreciate it and am enjoying knitting with it! Thank you again!

Marie-Jolie said...

Spinning, spinning, spinning! I absolutely must add this to my fiber repertoire! I've been sitting on a lovely wooden drop spindle for more than ten years and still haven't given it a single spin (sad, I know). Knitting consumes nearly all of my free time, but one day I absolutely *swear* that I am going to start spinning. Especially when I see such lovely spun fibers as these.

Marie Greene,
from Permission to Unwind

Jennie said...

The hydrangea is stunning but the Eowyn makes me weak at the knees, so lovely!

Marie-Jolie, I recommend against sitting on a drop spindle for a number of reasons. Spin spin spin!