Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ob la di, ob la da

Greetings, gentle reader. Hope you're enjoying your beverage of choice, staying warm and fed, and whatever chaos you have in your life is being kept down to a dull roar. It's settling down here at Chez Runamuck. Now that the holidays are done and the year end processing at work has been finished, the normal routines are returning. Even the weather has returned to what we usually expect to get at this time of year -- rain -- though it's coming on what is dubbed the Pineapple Express. It's the Jet Stream taking up moisture from the tropics, usually going over Hawaii, and dumping it over Oregon and Washington. Washington's been really socked with it so far but the winter isn't over and we may see it here in Oregon. It doesn't affect me fortunately but it does affect folks I know, so it's something I watch.

The commissions are coming along well. The white dickey is nearly done. Unfortunately I miscalculated the amount of yarn I needed and ran out, so it's waiting for the next shipment coming to Abundant Yarn. The black dickey is coming along fine and I cast on the Christmas stocking last night. While working on these projects I had left the white dickey at home and the black dickey at the office (better light for working on black yarn). I then got the idea of having a knitter's tool kit at the office, so I scrounged up a few extra tools (scissors, markers, yarn needles, tape measure -- the usual) and put them in a pencil bag that I found at the store. I can then leave one tool kit at home and have the other at the office. Less hauling around of stuff, which means less pressure on my knees.

On the spinning side, I changed my icon for my spinning tracking since Dave Daniels icon is now obsolete. It was fun grabbing my spindles and taking all sorts of artsy fartsy poses with them. The spindles seen are my Golding swans, my two Sister Spinsters, my Jenkins Turkish, and Cascade (it has a little cotton I spun for fun from a vitamin bottle). You can click on it on the sidebar to see what fibers I've spun up.

I can sympathize with Prez-2-B Obama with being reluctant to give up his Blackberry. I can see the reasoning behind wanting to confiscate it, but I also see how it can be such an addictive gadget. I hope they can figure out a way to satisfy his needs while maintaining security. It's like taking the knitting away from a hardcore knitter, and I can attest to how nervewracking that can be.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the coverage of Obama's Blackberry on the CBC news is that it is all about what great free marketing it is for RIM (a Canadian company). I was watching the news the other night and didn't even get any details about WHY he will have to give it up. It was all about the endorsement. Weird.

Sounds like things are going well with you. I hope the excess rain doesn't hit you. I also saw some footage of the flooding in Chillawack that had a few photos from Washington as well. Looks pretty bad.

Sharon said...

I don't blame Barack either. Even if I were flying on Air Force One, I'd still go crazy without my knitting! ;)