Saturday, January 17, 2009

More web fun

The popularity of Shepard Fairey's poster of Obama has spawned a website that you can use to take a picture and give it that look. Dr Mel did one of his beloved Tuck, so I went to it to see what mischief I could do.

I'm sure Buster would like this to be the mantra of Chez Runamuck.

My spindle photo came out nicely.

I took it to create one for the PDX Spinnerati. Unfortunately per the terms of agreement it can't be used as a logo. But it at least gives some ideas for the group.


Melissa said...

Cool, although it does look a bit like some bike wheels there ;-)
I'm actually supposed to be doing something with a logo right now. Thanks for the reminder!

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

What fun! I wish we COULD use that for our logo!

Roxie said...

You are SO clever!

I saw your comment on Dave's blog and wanted to make contact. I used to work at Pendleton (12 years as a weaver in the fabric design dept) and am still trying to get rid of the weaving yarn stash I built up. (The old shoulders and back won't take 40 hours at the loom every week anymore.)

And I live about a mile from the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store - about 1.5 miles from Abundant Yarn. We oughta get together some time.

Sharon said...

Cool new blog banner!