Thursday, June 19, 2008

It started with a song (and went on and on)

It's a pleasant evening for spinning. I sat on the front porch and watched folks come and go. Tonight was mystery fiber from Fantasy Fibers on the Louet. At first I thought it would end up being a cat bed but I'm now thinking it would make a nice sweater along the lines of the Adult Surprise Jacket. The link is through Ravelry, so if you're not a member, just google it. It's a classic.

Back to Knit Camp

Saturday was going to be hot. Hot and muggy. Hot and sticky. And if you are in Vermont, AC's are not that plentiful as in, say, Miami. Fortunately there was one in the conference room we were in at the Paradise Inn so those of us who were prone to meltage in temperatures above 75 had a refuge. A few ventured off to the Inn's pool but a good portion of us stayed and knitted. Folks helped folks out with their many different projects and much chocolate and mac and cheese was devoured.

Sadia showed folks how to spin on a handspindle. As she had a huge collection acquired over the years, she had a good number of students working on the roving I had brought for folks to play with. Some played and set it aside but a couple hung in there and were spinning long after the demo.

When Sadia wasn't demo'ing basic handspindling, she was playing with her new spindle. She plied her yarn by Andean plying, which I had not seen before. She was kind enough to show me how to do it. It's not hard and nice to know how to do if you want to do sample lengths of spinning.

In the meantime, I spent my time at my wheel working on the Parade roving from StitchJones. I had hoped to have it all spun up and ready to be plied but still had some to spin. The spinning went quickly and the plying worked up well. It was an experiment with splitting the entire roving down the middle to match up colors and while I didn't match up the entire length the color changes were still very pretty.

Overall it was a wonderful gathering. We missed several participants who had come to last year's event, but we got to meet new folks and put faces to names. I hope to come to it next year. It's a magic time where people of different places and spaces come together to share a craft.

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