Sunday, May 04, 2008

Missing my date with 100 men

I don't know what it is with me these days. My memory has never been great but there are days when I catch myself forgetting something something simple. My brain immediately whirls to fear. Am I getting Alzheimer's? Am I having small strokes? Is it from menopause? Is it reversable? Or am I whirling down a terrifying maelstrom of mindlessness? I've been watching my mental functions and I don't have any problems with learning new things, comprehending things I've read, or remembering music. I'm thinking this is a side effect of my change in hormones from having my hysterectomy.

It doesn't excuse the fact that I've missed seeing the Portland Gay Men's Chorus twice in a row, even though I have season tickets this year.

Back in March they had their cabaret that promised to be a lot of fun. It happened on the first day of March, so the turning of the calendar was how I didn't remember the concert. This time around I was determined to not forget the concert. It was on Saturday. I was not planning any other events on Saturday, using the day to rest and enjoy the men singing. I had my breakfast, did some cleaning, took a nap in the afternoon, then woke up in time to shower and dress and go out for a little bit of dinner before the concert. It was going to be at the First Congregational Church which meant that parking was going to be tricky, but I found a spot and after a latte and scone went to the park across the street to wait. I wasn't going to miss it this time. Right?

After noting the lack of activity at the church I took a look at the ticket. May 3rd. 2 pm.


I think next time I'm going to hook up with friends and go with them. It will ensure that I get there. In the meantime, the PGMC have my donation toward their concerts.


Cindy said...

ACK! I know what that's like. I had similar issues for a while until my doctor checked my thyroid level. Turns out that a drop in thyroid function can cause all kinds of subtle symptoms, such as memory issues and having problems with attention to detail. I had a bunch of symptomology that I had just chalked up to "getting older" or menopause or whatever. It's worth seeking a test. Make sure to have them give you the actual TSH number, not just a "normal" or "abnormal" finding, because what is considered normal has changed. Once I got on a low dose of Synthroid, my memory issues (and other things) improved a lot. :)

Sorry you missed the performance!

BitchZilla said...

I use to say it was from what I did for a sprays, perms, color fumes that had fried my brain.

But like you I have lil panic modes where I to wonder if I'm getting something.